Learning about, from and with each other

Presenter: Zac Morse


Interprofessional health practice and education are relatively new areas. Review of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act recognised many complaints to the Health and Disability Commissioner arose from failures in teamwork across professions.
In 2019, the law in New Zealand was changed to mandate that the regulatory health authorities: promote and set standards of cultural competence (including competencies that will enable effective and respectful interaction with Māori). The ultimate result being improved outcomes for patients, their families and communities. This is also critical for addressing health outcome inequities.

When renewing my Annual Practising Certificate so that I can legally exercise my profession, I must declare that I “communicate effectively, by communicating openly in inter- and intra-professional healthcare teams for the enhancement of patient care; and behave respectfully in communication to and about colleagues or other health professionals. Provide good care, by collaborating with colleagues and other health practitioners, and contribute to teamwork for enhanced patient outcomes. Put the patients’ interests first, by treating patients fairly and without discrimination, respecting their cultural values, personal disabilities and individual differences?” These are also legal requirements for our corresponding graduates.

The School of Clinical Sciences can be considered a “Super-school” with ten different programmes/professions. My own programme has direct relevance in collaborating with all other nine disciplines. The school is part of a more comprehensive faculty, there are four faculties etc at AUT, and AUT has a vision of responding to our place in the world by working for our city and country, and sharing our knowledge in our region and throughout the world.

Opportunities for staff and student collaboration are hence almost infinite. Interdisciplinary approaches are needed to produce complex explanations and for increasingly complex problems. This session will share experiences and thoughts about learning about, from & with each other.