Navigating interprofessional collaborative philosophy within regulated clinical practicums

Presenters: Susan Shaw and Tony Ward


The Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences at AUT offers the widest range of health professional qualifications in Aotearoa. The World Health Organisation’s emphasis on interprofessionalism and collaboration was formally recognised by the Faculty in 2009 with the establishment of the National Centre for Interprofessional Learning and Collaborative Practice. The leaders of this centre have led the development of shared and common learning in curricula and the establishment of a large interprofessional clinic on campus which provides services to the community while supporting student learning. The curricula are accredited and monitored by professional registration agencies which publish requirements, particularly in relation to clinical learning. We have been exploring how tensions around highly prescriptive clinical hours can be navigated to ensure interprofessional learning and collaboration. We welcome the opportunity to share with an learn from colleagues who are also considering these issues.

This showcase will engage the audience in an interactive experience of snapshots that illustrate the tensions between tightly defined practicum requirements and the collaborative and interprofessional world of practice and practicum. Key questions about learning and assessment will be posed and focussed conversations facilitated.