What we do on the shadows: Cultivating teaching and learning relationships in online tutorials

Presenters: Piki Diamond and Valance Smith


Education in Aotearoa New Zealand often opts for the terminology of biculturalism, particularly regarding curricula. This can lead to confusion of the role of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, where funding strategies design KPIs to bi-, multi and interculturalism of equality, equity, diversity, inclusion, while public service calls accountability of colonisation through decolonisation and indigenisation within our teaching practices and curriculum design. Simultaneously experiencing these realities can create a dis-ease of bipolarism and disorientation of purpose.
Contextualised in Piki’s role as a Māori academic developer, this presentation will briefly outline an unfurling design process from wānanga (Māori higher learning) to workshop, in collaboration with Valance Smith, Assistant Pro Vice Chancellor, Māori Advancement. The result of which is a workshop that is more accessible to our broader AUT academic staff.

We will provide some clarity to terms mentioned above, along with others, and how they relate, positively and negatively, to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Providing understandings of these terms contextualises the space we work in as a higher education institutional on the within a Treaty-bounded institution, that is Aotearoa New Zealand.
In doing-so, it is hoped to provide some navigational guidance on the swirling ocean of culturalisms, ‘ities and ‘ions that engulf this land of a “bicultural governance of a multicultural society”.