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2020 was a bootcamp in standing up alternative assessments appropriate for online delivery. This panel brings together examples from across a range of disciplines to explore alternative models, but with a view to lessons learned. Specifically, the panel will address three assessment types that can be challenging: 1) online exams, 2) non text based (visual, symbol, numerical) and 3) presentation based. Colleagues will have an opportunity to explore a number of front of mind questions and where possible we’ll have ‘real time answers’. 

Session title: Rethinking summative assessments: Perspectives from practice Robin Hankin, Anna Jackson, Patricia Lucas and Ginz Xu  
Thursday 23 September, 3pm – 4pm 

Watch this space coming October – eProctoring: The future of examinations in a ‘post’ pandemic world

Guidance from altLAB and other universities on how to adapt your assessments for an online setting

How can I assess my students online?
If you need to rethink your assessments for Semester 2,
we have prepared  some guidance to support you in this work.


Challenges and solutions of teaching online 
altLAB is collating some solutions to online teaching challenges, drawn from experiences of teaching, as well as examples of general good practice – here is a small selection 

Changing to student presentations assessments to online – live or pre-recorded 

Supporting assessed role play in online spaces 

Assessing three dimensional artefacts in a two-dimensional space 

Using formative online quizzes 

Other guidance if you are tweaking assessments  

Creating good quality rubrics 

Online alternative assessment ideas from the Taylor Institute in Canada

External events to support online assessment practices

Ask me anything about cheating and online learning – with Prof Phillip Dawson
21 September, 2pm AEST 

To celebrate the launch of the video series ‘Tackling e-cheating & assessment security with Phillip Dawson’, Deakin University’s Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE) and Turnitin will be co-hosting a Q&A session. Phill will be joined by Turnitin’s Chukwudi Ogoh, and they will discuss your questions about cheating. 

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