Universities like AUT and QUT need to be agile as they respond to changes in technology, student expectations, and the social context of higher education. These changes become realised in the way the design for learning is carried out within a university. The widespread focus upon policies, technology, curriculum design, and resources leaves out the important factor of academics’ capability to design for learning. 

This session will centre on the question: how do academics get better at designing for learning? Kickbusch and Kelly will focus upon the role that learning designers can play in developing academics’ capability to design for learning. They will provide examples of recent learning innovations resulting from the effects of COVID-19 and from their research. They will also describe the intricacies of the twin roles of learning designer as co-designer and as coach.


Steven Kickbusch has worked extensively as an educator, facilitator, and educational designer across all levels of the education industry, the government sector and within corporate environments. In his current role as a Learning Designer with QUT, he oversees the design, development, and implementation of engaging student-focused education experiences. Steven is currently completing his PhD research into the way that learning designers develop the capability of teachers to design for learning.

Dr Nick Kelly is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education, and Social Justice at Queensland University of Technology. He is an interdisciplinary scholar, focused on the intersection of Design Cognition and Teacher Education. His theoretical research contributes to design cognition, interaction design, and design of learning networks. His applied research looks at higher education, networks of teachers, teacher education, web design for social justice, and co-design as a research method.

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Upcoming Session

April 27th 2022

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Microsoft Teams Webinar