AUT Certificate in Teaching Modules 1 & 2

Required Pathway (New Permanent/Fixed Term Academic Colleagues)

9:30am – 4:00pm


AUT Certificate in Teaching takes place over one semester. Modules 1-5 provide colleagues with the ‘essentials’ to meet the challenges of teaching for the first time, whilst enhancing their educational practice. In Module 1 Designing for Learning participants will be introduced to fundamental principles of curriculum design, approaches to student learning and how to plan teaching and design learner-focused rather than content-driven teaching. In Module 2 Teaching for Learning participants will learn of teaching approaches to support learning. Practical guidance will be offered on how to create nurturing teaching environments that foster meaningful and positive relationships, as well as designing learning that is activity, project, practice and action orientated. The ways in which AUT’s Values and priorities for teaching and learning inform curriculum design will also be considered.

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