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The Challenge

Physiology labs are usually conducted in a professional laboratory with specialist equipment to small groups of students at a time. Students are required to learn how to use the equipment and gain hands on experience of collecting and analysing data.

A shift to online poses an immediate challenge to content delivery and the authentic learning experience.

Solutions and Advice

Here are a few solutions from one lecturer:

  • Run a live (recorded) pre-lab session, explain the learning outcomes for the lab, describe the differences between what students are doing online today versus what they would normally be doing in the physical lab.
  • Clearly articulate the purpose of the lab session and how it relates to real world practice in their profession.
  • Provide videos of demonstrations of the lab equipment and related procedures online, which students can watch multiple times at their own pace.
  • Provide sample dataset collected from previous physical lab sessions for students to work on.
  • Simulate the smaller lab group by using breakout rooms in a live session. Allocate a tutor to each breakout room to support the analysis of the lab data and facilitate discussion on findings from data.

Support for using breakout groups in Collaborate here.

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