Teaching can be conducted online by either an asynchronous method of pre-recording a session and uploading it to Blackboard, or a synchronous method of live streaming.

With both methods, you can keep your students engaged by using well-designed learning activities (e.g. group work, discussion, short answer or multiple choices questions). Using visual aids such as diagrams, photos, graphs, tables and colours is also helpful for students to make sense of new information and keep them engaged.

Five tips for presenting in the online learning environment

  1. For asynchronous method, divide longer teaching sessions into shorter (six to eight-minute) sessions.
  2. For synchronous method, clearly communicate times and accessibility steps to your students ahead of the live streaming.
  3. Engage your students by incorporating learning activities between a series of shorter recorded videos, or within your live stream recording.
  4. Let students know when new material is posted: This can be as simple as posting a brief announcement or including a bullet point in a ‘weekly update’ to students.
  5. Keep things accessible: For materials to support online sessions, try and design for mobile-friendly formats, so consider saving other files (e.g. PowerPoints) in their original format and a PDF. PDFs are easier to read on mobile devices and keep the file size small, and the original file format may be helpful to students who use accessibility software. 

Tools for asynchronous delivery

The mini lecture (Panopto)

Video content is ideally edited into manageable bite-sized learning sections. Where some teachers may feel confident to prepare an engaging 20-minute presentation every week, for many of us, short 1 to 2-minute summaries, or 6 to 8-minute mini lectures are more realistic. We recommend compressing key information from and focusing on the gems that we can offer students to help them navigate the landscape of the subject.

Record and upload these sessions to Blackboard in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Install Panopto
Please follow the downloading Panopto instructions, selecting the relevant video or pdf dependant on your device type (Mac or PC).

Step 2: Record your lecture
Please follow the setting up and recording in Panopto instructions.
To edit the length of your recording please watch the how to trim a video tutorial.

Step 3: Upload your videos to Blackboard
Ensure you have set up your Blackboard course with Panopto.
Follow the adding videos to Blackboard folders through Panopto instructions.

Panopto allows for extensive control over sharing and permissions options. As a video creator you can dictate who is able to view your media with just a couple of simple steps. Please follow the sharing options in Panopto instructions.

Privacy: Due to compliance issues (e.g. student privacy, copyright), video content must only be posted on AUT Blackboard course sites and AUT Panopto sites. By default, these tools are set so that students cannot download files to their devices.

The mini lecture (Voiceover PowerPoint)
Another way to deliver a mini lecture is to add an audio narrative to a PowerPoint, which can be done within PowerPoint using the ‘add audio’ feature. The same rules of  manageable bite-sized learning sections apply.

Follow these instructions to Record a slide show with narration and slide timings
Follow these instructions to add files, images, videos and audio files to your Blackboard course. 

Tool for synchronous delivery

Blackboard Collaborate

Hosting a live (recorded) session in Blackboard Collaborate enables interaction with our students, mimicking a live tutorial or lecture. Students can post comments or questions, and with smaller classes, contribute to discussion using the microphone on their device. This enables a responsiveness that is not possible with pre-recorded videos and provides a time and date for students to ‘meet and connect’ online. 

General Blackboard Collaborate Information and Instructions
How to access Blackboard Collaborate?
Deliver your lecture online using Bb Collaborate  Text guide
Deliver your lecture online using Bb Collaborate  Video guide
Sharing resources in Bb Collaborate (file/ppt)  Text guide
Sharing resources in Bb Collaborate (file/ppt)  Video guide