Authored by altLAB

The Challenge

In-class live presentation assessment becomes challenging in the online environment due to technology, environment, timing or other issues. Such factors can create additional stress for students.

Example: A third-year data visualisation course with practical skill development that uses in-class presentation assessments. On campus the presentations are:

Presentation one: students select a visualisation and evaluate it using the theories taught in the course.

Presentation two: students are given one of four pre-existing datasets to build their own visualisation, to tell a story. In the presentation, the students explain and defend their design decisions, then answer questions from fellow students. Students can observe how the same dataset can be open to a range of interpretations, as well as the value of reciprocal peer feedback in promoting understanding of a topic. Presentation three: Group assessment – the group finds a dataset and creates the visualisation to tell a story. Then present it in-class and answer questions from the class.

Solutions and Advice

Instead of simply transferring the in-class activity into a like for like, in-class presentation online, the lecturer decided to provide their students some flexibility in how and when they present to the class.

Students can choose to do a live presentation to the class in Zoom, including a live Q&A session. The session is recorded so those who cannot make the live session can watch it later.

Alternatively, students can choose to pre-record their presentation and share it via a discussion forum, then respond to Q&A on the discussion forum over the week.

This simple solution, is easy to implement and indicates the lecturer’s consideration for the new educational landscape their students are navigating.

The lecturer plans to get feedback from students on this approach at the end of the semester and include this feedback in the design of the next iteration of the course.