This page helps you to ensure your collaborate sessions are accessible to only your intended audience and provides some tips on managing interaction in open collaborate sessions.

Tips to securing your Blackboard Collaborate sessions:

  • Require students to join Collaborate sessions through Blackboard, and avoid sending them a guest link. This will ensure that access is only allowed for students who are enrolled into your paper, and they can be identified by their official full names registered at AUT. For information on how to make the Collaborate link more visible in your course, please click here.
  • Monitor your Attendees list during your Collaborate session. The attendees panel is also useful for you to manage who is speaking and whose microphone can be muted. For further information on managing attendees, please click here.
  • Disable private chats among participants, and avoid anonymous chat messages. This helps keep conversations transparent to the session moderator. For further information on session settings, please click here.

* Please note, the use of guest links in Blackboard Collaborate sessions is strongly discouraged. Guest links represent a significant security risk. Recent incidents of intrusion by non-AUT students in Collaborate sessions have been associated with the use of guest links.

If you encounter inappropriate behaviour during the session you can easily disable participant ability to:

  • Share audio
  • Share video
  • Posting chat messages
  • Draw on whiteboard and files

These settings are available under the Session Settings area.

This will stop all session interaction capabilities for participants. As a last resort you may remove the offender from the session by selecting them in the list and using the ‘Remove from session’ feature.

* Please note, if a participant is behaving inappropriately, the session recording will maintain a copy of the behaviour. If you are not recording your session consider taking a screenshot to collect any evidence.

If your session is compromised, after the session we recommend that you:

  • Create a new Collaborate session to replace the compromised one.
  • Delete or uncheck the Guest access option, for the session that is compromised. This will ensure the misused guest link is no longer available. If the session is deleted, the recordings from the previous sessions, if there are any, will remain available. However, the files uploaded to the session, as well as the attendance reports for the session will no longer be accessible.

Further details on best practice for Blackboard Collaborate can be found here.