How can I assess my students online?

Educators have needed to think creatively about how to assess learning in 2020. With COVID-19 restrictions in place, we have been unable to hold assessments on campus. This has impacted papers that were assessed by way of examinations, in class presentations, and practical demonstrations to name a few ‘in person’ methods of assessment.

As we look ahead to 2021 and beyond, even when ‘normal’ university life resumes, examinations are unlikely to make a comeback at AUT (except in exceptional circumstances). This is primarily due to the commitment that AUT has made to Authentic Assessment and because examinations are seldom an authentic reflection of what happens in a real-world context.

So where does this leave papers that have relied on examinations and other in-person assessments?

5 Top Tips

  1. See our guide to Adapting assessment for online delivery (PDF). This provides ideas for adapting a range of assessments for the online environment.

  2. Remember that students will not have the opportunity to ask questions about the assessment in person. Check that instructions are clear and that there are online spaces (e.g. a discussion board, FAQ document, online tutorial session) where clarification can be sought.

  3. Is your existing assessment a Group work task? Review the learning outcomes to clarify whether collaboration is required. It might be more practical for students to complete an individual task instead.

  4. Once you have adapted your assessment, this Assessment Task Checklist may help you review your task design.

  5. Some assessment tasks may be less viable to adapt, e.g. a performance, or other time, space or person-specific task. In these instances, please connect with altLAB for tailored support. 

Useful Resources

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